Housing: Coconut Grove

There are many unique neighborhoods in Miami. Some students choose to live in Coconut Grove, which is close to where the University of Miami is. This is what they think about it.

Name: Giovanna
Country: Brazil

img_0138How do you arrive to the IEP? If I drive my car, it takes 5 minutes. It takes about 12 minutes on my bicycle.
Who do you live with? I live with family members.
What kind of home? I live in a house with a private owner.
What are some of the housing amenities? I have a balcony, swimming pool, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a dishwasher, wifi, washer/dryer inside my home, parking spots, bike racks, and it’s pet friendly.
What do you LOVE about your neighborhood? I can go back and forth on my bicycle. There are a lot of services close to my house, like Sunset Place and Cocowalk or Merrick Park, restaurants, supermarkets, laundry, etc.
What do you DISLIKE about your neighborhood? Until now, nothing! Everything is very good and nice!
Would you recommend living in Coral Gables? Yes!  I highly recommend living in Coconut Grove. This neighborhood is immersed in an intensive natural tropical environment, you can see wild life everywhere! It is amazing to have peacocks in your front yard every morning! It is biking distance from UM and all the great supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, services stores and much more! And it is very quiet!


Want first-hand experience?
Speak with an IEP student ambassador

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