Housing: Brickell

There are many unique neighborhoods in Miami. Some students choose to live in Brickell, which is similar to Downtown. There are tall apartment buildings, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, etc. This is what they think about it.

IMG_8529.jpgName: Enas
Country: Saudi Arabia

How do you arrive to the IEP? Sometimes I Uber or Lyft. Other times I take the metrorail or the bus.

How long does it take? It takes about 30-45 minutes around 8:30 because it’s actually peak hour, so there is a lot of traffic.

Who do you live with? I live with my husband.

What kind of home? We live in an apartment; it’s privately owned.

What are some of the apartment amenities? There is a washer/dryer inside the home. It also has a dishwasher, wifi, a balcony, exercise room, swimming pool, parking spot, and a community room. It’s a 1/1 (one bedroom, one bathroom).

What do you LOVE about your neighborhood? The sea view is amazing. There are very fancy lounges around my area, but I like the view the most.

What do you DISLIKE about your neighborhood? There are no fast food restaurants around my area, and the nearest CVS is 20 minutes away by foot, which is far for me. 

Want first-hand experience?
Speak with an IEP student ambassador

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