Placement Exam

During orientation at the IEP, you will take a placement exam. This placement exam will determine your English level at the IEP. There are five levels in total. Click here to read more about the IEP levels and progression.

All new students must take this exam. The test takes about 2 hours and includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Don’t worry too much about this exam. We are trying to find which level you are in now. Be confident that you will be placed in the correct level for your current abilities. If you are unhappy with your placement, you’ll have an opportunity to re-test during the first week of classes.

The IEP Placement test is NOT the TOEFL. It is a placement test created by the IEP, for the sole use of placing IEP students in IEP levels.

The speaking portion of the test will be in the form of an oral interview with an IEP faculty member. They will ask you a series of questions about yourself, and various situations. They may show you a picture and ask questions about it.

Usually, students will be placed in just one level, but it is possible that you may be placed in two different levels. Click here for more details about IEP levels and progression. 

You don’t need to study for this test, since it is to find your current English level. However, the best way to prepare for this test (and English in general) is just to practice!

Here are some of our tips:

English Listening:

  • Watch TV & movies
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Listen to the radio
  • Learn lyrics to your favorite song

English Reading:

  • Read fiction novels
  • Read magazines
  • Read children’s books

English Writing:

  • Read- you will improve your writing by reading more
  • Practice writing short stories
  • Write a summary of something you read
  • Choose a topic and write for 5 minutes a day
  • Keep a journal and write about your day
  • Chat in forums or groups online

English Speaking:

  • Practice! Be confident and speak to anyone you can
  • Don’t be embarrassed. Mistakes are normal, and necessary for learning
  • Find a conversation partner
  • Read/watch something and explain it to a friend

Want first-hand experience?
Speak with an IEP student ambassador

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