Activity: South Beach Room Escape


Last Friday, the Intensive English Program went on a field trip to the South Beach Room Escape. About 45 international IEP students divided themselves into 5 different groups to take on a different adventure. There were 3 types of rooms to choose from:

  1. Steal the Diamond from the museum
  2. Escape the zombies
  3. Find the dead auntie and give her a proper burial


Each escape room presented unique challenges, and each team had to work together to solve each clue and each mystery within 60 minutes. Talk about team work! All the teams managed to solve their puzzles and escape the room. It was great fun!

There were three rooms, but five teams. So two teams took a turn in the lobby playing games and getting to know one another better, in English of course!

All in all, it was an excellent Friday afternoon.

Next, we’re looking forward to our Orlando Universal Studios trip at the end of this week!

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